Joey's Crawfish and More

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We are the Machen's! My name is Joey (the one on the right). I am husband, dad, and most relevant to you, crawfish cook and owner of Joey's Crawfish. I am from southern Arkansas where crawfish boils are a very popular event. I have great memories sitting around a boiling pot with my dad and brothers. I love to eat crawfish, cook crawfish, and sell crawfish!!  My wife, Michelle (the pretty one on the left) is wife, mom, and most relevant to you, restaurant manager. You will see her pop in and out of the restaurant in between taking care of our two boys. She is from the Van Buren/Fort Smith area but moved south 13 years ago I guess just to meet and marry me. Seriously though, she is both my life partner as well as business partner. Our two boys (the rough and tough ones in the middle) are the taste testers! Raised to eat crawfish, they can peel and eat crawfish with the best of them! They are our greatest earthly blessing from the good Lord! 

So there you have it! We are here to cook for you and make your crawfish experience the best you have ever had! We would love to meet you so come on out!